On Tuesday, February 13, 2018 at 5:54:01 AM UTC+1, SM wrote:
> Hi
> I installed qubes 4.0 rc-4 on my hp laptop the installation went perfectly 
> fine. I rebooted after the installation was over, laptop boots into qubes and 
> after a few lines passing by there is a blank screen endlessly. 
> I am dual booting with windows. Is there anything that I need to modify I 
> order for this to work correctly. 
> Thanks

Also remember the act of taking out your drive which also has Windows installed 
on it, and putting it in another machine, as I suggested in one of the examples 
above, may break Windows's ability to boot in UEFI/EFI once you put it back in 
again. So be sure you backup your Windows and any valuable data on the drive if 
you try this approach, just to be safe. Windows is generally more robust when 
it comes to restoring UEFI/EFI, but you can never be too careful with this kind 
of buggy crapware that is UEFI, not to mention, Windows. So be careful here if 
you go with the drive swap approach, there may be dragons for any existing 
data, both on the drive itself, and the other machine's UEFI/EFI paths too.

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