On Tuesday, February 13, 2018 at 5:54:01 AM UTC+1, SM wrote:
> Hi
> I installed qubes 4.0 rc-4 on my hp laptop the installation went perfectly 
> fine. I rebooted after the installation was over, laptop boots into qubes and 
> after a few lines passing by there is a blank screen endlessly. 
> I am dual booting with windows. Is there anything that I need to modify I 
> order for this to work correctly. 
> Thanks

If you're installing Qubes for the first time, then the most obvious first 
place to look is if you're using nvidia or other high-end graphic cards on 
Qubes, especially and most importantly, nvidia does frequently not work 
out-of-the-box. Intel graphics tend to work quite nice out-of-the-box though. 

If your laptop have two graphic cards as many laptops tend to have these days, 
then try make a temporary solution and disable the extra graphic card, and use 
the one that is considering onboard. For example you may very well have an 
Intel graphic card on that HP laptop. This would probably be the first thing to 
try if you haven't tried this already.

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