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> @Yuraeitha
> actually i am experiencing this bug with qvm-backup-restore:
> https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/qubes-users/HZVBAqerLoI
> Is there a way to manually trigger a refresh of the drop-down menu of 
> available qubes?  qvm-backup-restore does not reliably add qubes to the menu 
> of available vm's and my only way to use them is by using qvm-run
> to be specific, this bug is only happening when trying to restore 
> fedora-25-dvm backed up from qubes 4.0-rc1, all other vm's restoration worked 
> fine

Sorry for late reply, I missed your post until now. 

Wait, you installed RC-1 and updated to RC-4? The developers explicitedly 
recommend not to do this, and reinstall between RC-1 and RC-2. You can find 
this info in the release cycles for RC-2. But it should be no problem to 
upgrade from RC-2 to RC-3 and RC-4, though as memory serves there are some bits 
of extra information to take notice of in the RC-4 upgrade. It could be you run 
into some of these issues because if updated up from RC-1.

There are some good quick approaches to get a list while you include and 
exclude backup VM's. The most straight forward is to simply execute the qvm 
backup command prematurely, which prints two lists in the terminal, which are 
all those included and all those excluded, right before asking Yes/No to 
proceed. If it doesn't look right, just press "N" for no, and return to adjust 
your qvm-backup/qvm-backup-restore command for whichever to exclude or include. 

You can also open a second terminal window and run qvm-ls.

A third approach is to use the Qubes Manager, but I prefer not to use it. I 
listed these approaches in the order I prefer my self. 

The first one I mentioned is my favorite as its straight forward. I only use 
qvm-ls if I have a lot of VM's to exclude or include. By executing it 
prematurely, you easily get two lists that makes it easy to get an overview.

- - - - 
I'm not sure if the dvm you report as a bug is actually a bug, and not a 
feature? It might be Qubes adjusting and fixing old settings to current 
settings. dvm's, as far as I know anyway, being temporary VM's and all, hold no 
information on their own, so you can easily make new ones. I think it might be 
removed because dvm's has changed and been updated in Qubes 4 to allow any VM 
to have a dvm version, rather than just one like in Qubes 3.2. So it may just 
be Qubes autoadjusting itself. But I wouldn't know, it's guessing on my part at 
this point. But if dvm is all there is, then I wouldn't worry, though it would 
be nice with a more official explanation of course. For example if this could 
happen to a non dvm, then it gets a whole lot more scary all of a sudden, but 
at this point, it's hard to tell which it is for sure.

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