On Sunday, February 11, 2018 at 5:09:31 PM UTC+1, 
cybe...@national.shitposting.agency wrote:
> @Yuraeitha
> actually i am experiencing this bug with qvm-backup-restore:
> https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/qubes-users/HZVBAqerLoI
> Is there a way to manually trigger a refresh of the drop-down menu of 
> available qubes?  qvm-backup-restore does not reliably add qubes to the menu 
> of available vm's and my only way to use them is by using qvm-run
> to be specific, this bug is only happening when trying to restore 
> fedora-25-dvm backed up from qubes 4.0-rc1, all other vm's restoration worked 
> fine

Apologies, I'm a bit exhausted/tired atm so I didn't read your post properly. 
You talked about backup from RC-1, and not updating from RC-1, so I definitely 
misunderstood. Though still, I'm only postulating, but it may also be a 
possible explanation as to why the dvm disappeared if it came from RC-1. But 
that's only guessing. Above all, none of the RC-x versions are production 
ready, so be careful if you put any important data on Qubes 4 early release 
cycles, before it becomes officially stable.

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