[user@dom0 ~]$ time qvm-start personal

real    0m23.517s
user    0m0.182s
sys     0m0.065s
[user@dom0 ~]$ time qvm-start alpha

real    0m23.801s
user    0m0.191s
sys     0m0.056s
[user@dom0 ~]$ time qvm-start alphax

real    0m32.831s
user    0m0.193s
sys     0m0.059s

starting with debug turned on takes 46 seconds. it shows a console window with

Machine UUID
Booting from ROM...
Probing EDD...

15 seconds for the console window to come up, with the first 3 lines
8 seconds later for Probing EDD to come up
23 seconds after that for the VM to start and the console window to go blank.

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