Could anyone help me with figuring out how to set one of the custom display 
resolution as startup default? 

Qubes 4.0 rc 4 comes with many predefined resolutions but unfortunately only 
one with the aspect ration of 16:9. 

I then created various custom resolution modes and added them to desplay 
options. I used the following commands:
cvt - to get new mode parameters
xrandr --newmode - to define new resolution mode
xrandr --addmode - to add newly defined resolution mode to deplay drop-down box
xrandr --output - to apply new, desired resolution to the current display. 

What I can't work out is how to make of my new, custom resolution to be used by 
qubes-os as default. 
What qubes-os configuration files should I modify and how in order to achieve 
that? Do I need to interfere with xen.config? 

If you already have a solution please share. 

Thank you

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