On Sunday, February 18, 2018 at 8:49:09 PM UTC+1, cub...@tutamail.com wrote:
> Hi, 
> I've installed Qubes-OS 4.0 rc4 on HP 1040 G3 laptop. 
> It seems HP has changed the rules of the game and introduced dedicated driver 
> for the physical wireless toggle button (located above the keyboard, next to 
> the audio on/off button). 
> I actually test installed Windows 10 on the laptop to confirm the new 
> feature. And indeed, without installing "wireless button driver" pressing the 
> button would not cause any effect. 
> The same holds true with Qubes-OS installed on the laptop. 
> Is there any way of forcing this button to work? It works fine on older HP 
> laptop models but they seems to be tightening their hardware architecture 
> even further. 
> My alternative approach for now is to create scrips in sys-net VM to load / 
> unload kernel modules (sudo rmmod iwlmvm / sudo rmmod iwlwifi / sudo modprobe 
> iwlwifi). This does work fine but is not as elegant as pressing dedicated 
> button. 
> Please share your thoughts and suggestions on forcing HP 1040 G3 to behave. 
> Thank you
> Paul

As for your wireless button, you can do the same as above, write it in a 
script, and keybind it. While the specific keybind key may not be changeable, 
you can literally pick any other default keys to keybind instead. 

I'm not sure about the fan speed thingy, it sounds like you either need a 
better kernel module (kind of like an external, optional, secondary driver from 
the kernel's more primary drivers, if using windows language), or a poor 
setting in UEFI. It could also be a bad UEFI version that requires UEFI to be 
updated, but you may want to try other fixes before updating your UEFI, which 
can go wrong if not done properly, bricking your laptop's motherboard. But 
perhaps you have done it before, in which case, it's less dangerous if you know 
what you get yourself into here. But try see if you can find a kernel moduel 
first for your CPU/motherboard, try google any Linux systems using your 
hardware, this is not something unique to Qubes, but may likely appear on any 
number of Linux systems using this hardware.

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