On 03/02/2018 10:22 AM, Unman wrote:
> Try this:
> _qvm()
> {   local cur 
>     COMPREPLY=()
>     cur="${COMP_WORDS[COMP_CWORD]}"
>     VMS=`qvm-ls --raw-list`
>     COMPREPLY=( $(compgen -W "${VMS}" -- ${cur}) )
> }
works perfectly, thank you. Should be completed (haha) by
complete -F _qvm qvm-appmenus
complete -F _qvm qvm-clone
complete -F _qvm qvm-firewall
complete -F _qvm qvm-move-to-vm
complete -F _qvm qvm-remove
complete -F _qvm qvm-start-gui
complete -F _qvm qvm-unpause
complete -F _qvm qvm-backup
complete -F _qvm qvm-copy-to-vm
complete -F _qvm qvm-pause
complete -F _qvm qvm-run
complete -F _qvm qvm-usb
complete -F _qvm qvm-backup-restore
complete -F _qvm qvm-service
complete -F _qvm qvm-kill
complete -F _qvm qvm-shutdown
complete -F _qvm qvm-tags
complete -F _qvm qvm-check
complete -F _qvm qvm-features
complete -F _qvm qvm-prefs
complete -F _qvm qvm-start

to have the shell behave nicer. If I have some free time, I might
customize this stub to suggest available options to all qvm-* and
qubes-* commands. I am surprised that I might be  the first one to
discuss this subject (?!)   Bernhard

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