On Wed, March 7, 2018 7:30 am, 799 wrote:
> Am 07.03.2018 8:21 vorm. schrieb "'awokd' via qubes-users" <
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> If using Coreboot instead of Libreboot aren't their better options than
> the G505s which seems to be a consumer device.

Libreboot is different than Coreboot because it insists on no Intel ME/AMD
PSP and no blobs. A corebooted G505s is the only R4.0 capable laptop I've
been able to find that still contains no form of ME/PSP, although it does
need a couple blobs. The chiclet keyboard and glossy screen are pretty
unpleasant, though.

> As the question "what should I buy?" seems to be common, is this in the
> FAQ? Maybe also with some more details regarding Stock ROM vs. Coreboot vs
>  Coreboot + ME_cleaner vs. Libreboot?

There's https://www.qubes-os.org/doc/#choosing-your-hardware in the docs
and FAQ links to same but maybe some type of decision tree?

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