On Sun, March 11, 2018 10:03 pm, ale10203...@gmail.com wrote:
> Hello, I am currently locked out of my qubes system because of a "kernel
> panic" error I encounter when I boot the system, after the grub screen. I
> don't really know what to do. The only thing I did before this to happen
> is to try to install AEM (without success), it may be the reason for
> this. Is there any fix to this?

Haven't tried AEM, unfortunately.

> I still have my qubes installation media,
> I can run the troubleshooting mode. I have qubes R4-rc4.
> I am also searching for the place to search for my appvms data so I can
> backup them and then re-install qubes (I use qubes for some months now),
> I can't find the appvm data anywhere... thanks for your answers !

Qubes R4.0 uses LVM instead of files- each disk in each AppVM is a
separate LVM logical partition. Short version is you mount the decrypted
disk, then you scan it for LVM partitions, and then mount the filesystem
inside the LVM partition you want to recover. Have only done it once or
twice, can't remember exact commands, but search for something like LUKS
LVM rescue.

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