On Monday, November 6, 2017 at 11:22:18 PM UTC+7, Marek Jenkins wrote:
> > > I'm really glad the 63xx CPUs are also supported by Coreboot. I don't 
> > > really mind about Libreboot' philosophical issues - if it works on 
> > > Coreboot I'm happy. And now as I have checked the Coreboot Wiki page 
> > > again I actually realized you openly state the 63xx series works fine ;)
> > The FSF hard line stance is a good thing, which gets us stuff like TALOS 
> > 2/POWER9 which is 100% owner controlled including microcode (check it out)
> > But in this case I say the faster cpu is worth it for video games.
> Yes I've had a look, TALOS II is definitely a great project! Unfortunately, 
> my budget doesn't really allow to spend 5-6k on a workstation. Nontheless, I 
> really appreciate their efforts and can imagine privacy/security-conscious 
> companies do so as well. I don't even think it's that expensive, given that 
> they have to do a lot of development/research and probably only manufacture 
> in relatively small quantities (yet).
> > > Is that all it takes to compile the .rom correctly ? Does SeaBios work 
> > > out-of-the-box with Qubes ? Also, would it be best to simply clone the 
> > > latest working config for the KGPE-D16 from the Coreboot website 
> > > (https://www.coreboot.org/Supported_Motherboards), which can be 
> > > downloaded here for example:
> > >
> > > - 
> > > https://review.coreboot.org/cgit/coreboot.git/commit/?id=3f09b0ffef990286ecca344cf73023b35be42406
> > > - 
> > > https://review.coreboot.org/cgit/board-status.git/tree/asus/kgpe-d16/4.6-1125-g3f09b0f/2017-08-21T04_40_02Z/config.txt
> > That should be what was included, no need to do that.
> Yes true, I just thought I might reverse-engineer the correct settings for 
> the KGPE-D16 from that config.txt file. Now as I have learned that the 
> default settings are fine, that idea doesn't really make sense anymore. I 
> initially expected each motherboard/chipset would require a custom setup to 
> work. (Besides specifying motherboard/chipset).
> > > Would you generally agree, that "Microcode update" is just a fancy name 
> > > for fetching + installing a certain AMD package from a repository that 
> > > patches the security vulnerability in the CPU? Or what is the approach I 
> > > need to follow to enable IOMMU and fix the security vulnerability when 
> > > running a 63xx CPU under Qubes/Xen?
> > You need it in the firmware to enable IOMMU and avoid the NMI issue, by 
> > default coreboot includes it as I said so no worries. (check just to 
> > make sure of course)
> Okay fine, I'll simply go with Coreboot default settings then.
> > > Yes it's really crazy and a bit alarming how much data they gather :/ 
> > > That's also the main reason why I want to keep my browsing in different 
> > > VMs (work, banking, music/streaming, etc).
> > That doesn't do anything if you use an identical browser fingerprint.
> Seems I really need to learn a bit more about this as soon as Qubes OS is up 
> and running. I thought if I separate the cookies and use an adblock addon in 
> Firefox I'd avoid most of those tracking problems.
> > >   I mean know one knows, what they will really do with all the personal 
> > > data in the future.
> > Being denied a job because your politics differ from your bosses - 
> > removing 50% of job options.
> > Having creepy people scan your face in public and then harrass you for 
> > whatever reason.
> > Someone robbing your house because statistically they can get away with 
> > it at exactly that time (their robber research tool told them what the 
> > best time was to rob you: when you are far from home, when the local 
> > cops take a donut break, when your neighbors are otherwise occupied, etc)
> Scary stuff, but very likely if I think about it! I once also read that 
> insurance companies increasingly attempt to track/profile people (and their 
> habits) on social media to determine insurance premiums. In other words, 
> sometime in the future your insurance premium could depend on what you 
> post/share online (or what not). Can't believe all those things are legal.

Any updates in 2018?

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