Many times in recent days, I've closed my Qubes laptop, expecting it to sleep, 
and put it into my backpack.  Normally it sleeps as expected.

Two of those times, once today and once several days ago, I reach into the 
backpack and find the laptop extremely hot to the touch.  I'd expect the fan to 
be on at these temperatures, but it isn't.

When I open the laptop, theres no response and similarly no response to 
pressing keys.  I press and hold the power button for a long time.  There's 
still no feedback from the computer, but it does turn off and cool down.

So far, I haven't noticed permanent damage, but I worry about that.  It's an 
unpleasant surprise to find that the battery is totally drained and I'm not 
sure what the computer has been trying to do.

Any thoughts?  Or suggestions how to troubleshoot this?


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