On Tuesday, March 13, 2018 at 10:13:45 PM UTC+1, Dave C wrote:
> Many times in recent days, I've closed my Qubes laptop, expecting it to 
> sleep, and put it into my backpack.  Normally it sleeps as expected.
> Two of those times, once today and once several days ago, I reach into the 
> backpack and find the laptop extremely hot to the touch.  I'd expect the fan 
> to be on at these temperatures, but it isn't.
> When I open the laptop, theres no response and similarly no response to 
> pressing keys.  I press and hold the power button for a long time.  There's 
> still no feedback from the computer, but it does turn off and cool down.
> So far, I haven't noticed permanent damage, but I worry about that.  It's an 
> unpleasant surprise to find that the battery is totally drained and I'm not 
> sure what the computer has been trying to do.
> Any thoughts?  Or suggestions how to troubleshoot this?
> -Dave

I can confirm two similar cases in recent weeks, though there's been quite some 
time between them, weeks? and I typically use suspend multiple times a day, 
except sometimes weekends.

There are other cases, where sys-net stops responding, or the internet isn't 
working when it's brought back from suspend, though these cases are just as 
rare as the above no suspend issue (I'm using the wi-fi module blacklisting in 
sys-net btw).

To me it seems like a semi-rare bug that is triggered by something yet unknown, 
though maybe it's known on github tracking issues? 

Either way, I think this might be related to the sys-net, but I can't really be 
sure here. Perhaps you can write a script that disables the networking, 
shutsdown sys-net, and then starts sys-net again and re-connects networking as 
it wakes up. 

This isn't a pretty solution, but it might work? Does your issue happen 
frequent enough so that you can test if sys-net is shutdown, that suspend then 
works properly? Would be ideal to know if that is indeed it before spending 
some time on such a script.

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