On Thursday, 5 April 2018 17:52:09 UTC+10, tai...@gmx.com  wrote:
> On 04/04/2018 10:59 PM, Drew White wrote:
> > I can't say anything about Qubes 4 because their restrictions on it require 
> > the latest CPUs and all (apparently) with certain technology that pre-2017 
> > CPUs don't have. (Or so I read).
> 2017? what? where did you read that? (I have a good idea where...a
> certain company perhaps?)
> The first CPU with all the capabilities is circa 2011 with the last and
> best owner controlled x86_64 CPU's 2013. (AMD 43xx and 63xx)

No, Qubes 4 I was told would require certain functionality in the CPU. I even 
read it on the Qubes website. Part of the CPU vulnerability remedy for RAM 
access and the page sharing vulnerabilities.

Qubes 4 was supposed to not work on anything except CPUs that have that.

And that was some technology only implemented in CPUs that came out in late 
2016 early 2017 and beyond.

That is what I was told about Qubes 4, therefore it would not run on my older 
CPUs. This is what the makers of Qubes informed me of.

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