I tried to install kali again. Last time I couldnt get it to run, but with your 
help, I correctly created an HVM. Now I did something stupid. 

When partitioning, you will be shown 3 virtual drives. If you type 'pvs' (or is 
'lvs'?) into the dom0 terminal, you will see 3 virtual partitions: kali, 
kali-private and kali-root. Or something of the like. 

I assume that is the 3 that you see in the kali-vm in qubes-manager. 

Well, one is obviously my rootfs and one is my homedir. The third has a direct 
correlation with the homedir. So when you change the size of the homedir, so 
changes the other one. 

The bug I think I have found is that when this third partition vm, if 
overwrites dom0 from a virtual domain. 

I tried to install kali on this third vm and the next time I booted Qubes, 
errors were given that qubes-manager did not exist. I still could boot, but 
no VMs could start. 

Its possible that this could have something to do with loop devices and having 
too many of them, maybe a buffer overflow? But I doubt it. After starting kali 
repeatedly, loop devices were made again and again eventually denying me any 
space to do anything including saving a text doc. 

Now, I really dont want to reinstall everything but sometimes this is much 
than troubleshooting the issue. But does anyone have any good ideas? 

Ive downloaded the source code for qubes-manager and Im going to try tomorrow 
to compile it. But Ive never done this before, I dont know what all I have to 

$ sudo make rpms , right? Then what? Im going to have to boot into recovery 
mode just to get the qubes-manager onto the machine. 

Can I do
$ sudo dnf reinstall qubes-manager? or $ qubes-dom0-update --reinstall 

What if I cant get internet access? Is the rpm still on my machine? 

Thanks many!!

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