On Sun, April 8, 2018 1:53 am, sevas wrote:

> The bug I think I have found is that when this third partition vm, if
> overwritten, overwrites dom0 from a virtual domain.
> I tried to install kali on this third vm and the next time I booted
> Qubes,
> errors were given that qubes-manager did not exist. I still could boot,
> but no VMs could start.

I couldn't recreate this. I installed Kali light to /dev/xvdc (which is
"-volatile" according to lvs), rebooted, and everything seems fine. Did
you install an update lately? Check /var/log/dnf.log*.

> Its possible that this could have something to do with loop devices and
> having too many of them, maybe a buffer overflow? But I doubt it. After
> starting kali repeatedly, loop devices were made again and again
> eventually denying me any RAM space to do anything including saving a text
> doc.

Maybe this broke it somehow.

> Now, I really dont want to reinstall everything but sometimes this is
> much faster than troubleshooting the issue. But does anyone have any good
> ideas?

Not exactly sure on how to fix it or what else might be broken, so a
reinstall is probably safest right now.

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