The proper way to create an HVM can be found here:

HVMs should be created from the terminal in dom0. Open a terminal:
$ qvm-create win7 --class StandaloneVM --property virt_mode=hvm --property 
kernel="" --property memory=4096 --property maxmem=4096 --property debug=True 
--label green

1. Your NetBSD-vm should have its netVM set as your default sys-firewall. 
And your sys-firewall should have its netVM set to sys-net. sys-net should
then be connected to the internet using NetworkManager or your choice. After
that you will start your NetBSD-vm with the boot-cd/iso file. 
$ qvm-start NetBSD-vm --cdrom=vault:/home/user/Downloads/NetBSD.iso
If you start it twice, the second time you start it you should use the 
automatically created loop device. Otherwise, Qubes will continue to make 
new loop devices and kill your RAM. 
$ qvm-start NetBSD-vm --cdrom=dom0:loop1

2. 10Gb is the default for your root file system (rootfs) and 2Gb is default 
for your homedir. If you didnt change these on your own, then I assume that 
you would install /root to the 10Gb and /home to the 2Gb. Maybe you should 
also change the 10Gb to 15Gb? Or 20Gb? 

3. Maybe it hangs and does weird things because you did not set all the settings
with the terminal, as stated above? 

Be careful you do not install NetBSD to the wrong partition. Try this:
Open a terminal in dom0. Type:
$ sudo pvs
$ sudo lvs
One of these commands will list all of your virtual machines. Take note that 
any VM you have will list 3 VMs here. I installed kali recently and kali shows
3 different VMs instead of 2. I installed on the wrong one and now qubes is 
broken. You do not seem to have this problem. 

You could also change your VM to 0Gb for your private storage and 20Gb for your
system storage and see NetBSD reflect that when you try to install. 

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