Hi there,

I'm not a seasoned qubes-user. I have used it for some months and beginning to 
get the hang of it.

I'm curiously trying to investigate how to use yubikey as a means to utilize 
ssh with my gpg keys, sudo or anything else that might work with yubikey and 

Plugging my new yubikey 4 in my Qubes workstation/desktop and pressing the "Y", 
actually produces output in the VM's that is "selected/in front" and not 
allowing me to select the specific VM in which I wan't the yubikey to act. It 
acts in whichever of them I selected.

That is probably because it acts as a keyboard and not as storage.

Is there a way to protect myself against this kind of rubber ducky stuff?

A kind of OTP/2FA on keyboards, so you need to accept input after typing a 
specific on screen code or something? Just so it doesn't blindly accept any 
stream of data? 

The closest thing I found online was Duckhunt for windows, but for obvious 
reasons, that doesn't work for me, and badUSB is just to difficult for me to 
understand how to counteract, since I need to trust hardware at some point.


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