I’m still working on my Qubes 4.0 migration and I’m trying to connect a Windows 
10 XL created VM to Qubes Networking by adding this kind of line in the hvm 
file :

vif = [ 'mac=00:16:3e:5e:6d:11,model=e1000,
ip=,script=vif-route-qubes,backend=sys-vpn’ ]

The backend is a functional proxy VM created by following the « Set up a 
ProxyVM as a VPN gateway using iptables and CLI scripts » tutorial

The guest VM is a Windows 10 1804 with Xen paravirtual drivers 8.2.1 installed. 
The e1000 is correctly detected as a Xen adapter with link up and configured 
with IP : / 24, no gateway, I’m just trying to access some HTTP 
services in another qube connected to the same proxyVM. Firewall rules are OK 
because it’s working from a third qube connected to the proxyVM.

The Windows 10 VM is acting like it has no connectivy at all. Can’t connect to 
the HTTP server of my qube. I tried removing all firewall rules in proxyVM and 
qube HTTP server and setting ACCEPT policy for all chains, it doesn’t change 
anything so I think it’s not a firewall problem…

I’d be grateful if someone gives me a clue where the problem could be :(

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