I am currently working on trying to make a TemplateVM out of a Linux from 
Scratch installation (or more accurately, BLFS).

Progress has been immense, but I've run into a roadblock I'm not sure how to 

For starters, I've gone through and successfully compiled: 


I've done the best I can to adapt Archlinux instructions, taking note of path 
modifications and installing everything, gruelingly by hand.  Everything built 
as best as I can tell, but I cannot get `qvm-run` to execute a command.  I'll 
try to give as much information as I can about the state of this systemd-based 
BLFS run.

1) lsmod shows xen_netfront, xen_netback, u2mfn loaded successfully on boot
2) The following systemd scripts are enabled (at boot) and run and exit cleanly:
3) The following systemd scripts are enable and run in the background:

Any other services have been either a) mistakenly missed and not installed OR 
b) ignored as they implement a functionality I believe is non critical at the 
time, e.g., qubes-sync-time

If there are any other processes I've missed, please let me know, because it's 
probably just one of the make targets I've somehow overlooked.

4) /dev/xvdb mounted as /rw.  /rw/home and /rw/usrlocal all work as expected.  
xen mounted at /proc/xen also listed in fstab and seemingly working (based on 
xenstore-read name returning system name).

5) Lastly, theres qubes-gui-agent, which when run automatically hides the HVM 
window and makes it non-interact-able.  This is currently disabled in systemd, 
but is installed.

And this is where I'm stuck.

I'm trying on dom0: qvm-run lfs "shutdown now -h" and it returns "Running 
'shutdown now -h' on lfs" but the VM never responds.

What else might I provide to help troubleshoot this and to detect what seems 
like the last-mile in getting this working as a template?

Thanks in advance!

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