Unfortunately, it didn't work still when qubes-gui-agent was running.

I tried recompiling everything again, and the results have changed quite a bit. 
 Now, instead of autohiding the HVM window in dom0, I can see a very clear 
failure which points me in the direction of Xorg instead.

Sadly, this feels like a regression, but alas... I'm sure I'll get there 

As far as "xl console lfs", dom0 reports "unable to attach console".  And in 
terms of dom0, it is still giving no sense of failure:

$ qvm-run --pass-io personal whoami
$ qvm-run --pass-io lfs whoami
$ qvm-run lfs "touch /tmp/dummy"
Running 'touch /tmp/dummy' on lfs

Needless to say, /tmp/dummy doesn't ever emerge.

The new error is....

systemctl status qubes-gui-agent.service
Process: 660 ExecStart=/usr/bin/qubes-gui $GUI_OPTS (code=exited, 
lfs qubes-gui[660]: XIO fatal IO error 11 (Resource temporarily unavailable on 
X server ":0"
lfs qubes-gui[660]: after 37 requests (36 known processed) with 0 events 

X works (startx shows me a desktop and consoles), but nothing yet from getting 
Qubes GUI agent and qrexec.

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