On 10/12/2018 04:42 PM, Gep Petto wrote:
Why can't Qubes OS be installed on the Fujitsu Lifebook U757?

Did you try?

Keep in mind that selecting a computer for Qubes comes with some general constraints, so here is my 'compatibility lecture':

1. Computer must be compatible with open source OS/drivers. If open source developers had to guess in order to make compatible drivers, then the level of compatibility and stability may be poor.

2. Computer must have advanced virtualization and memory management features which must be correctly configured and programmed by the hardware vendor. But some of these features end up in models that aren't marketed to advanced users, so the features are left unsupported or mis-configured by the BIOS/motherboard to save on engineering costs.

Usually when Qubes doesn't work on a particular model its because of some combination of 1 and 2. This is not surprising with models like the U757 because the Fujitsu data sheet only lists MS Windows as a compatible operating system.


My advice is to start looking for a Qubes laptop on the HCL page below and/or look at business models from the 'big 3' manufacturers Dell, Lenovo and HP in addition to Linux-focused System 76 and Purism which the manufacturer describes as "Linux compatible" and does _not_ rely on Nvidia graphics. Although that doesn't specifically address the Xen aspect of Qubes, this is a pretty good starting point in general for finding compatible hardware.


Users should note that "Compatible with MS Windows" is not the Good Housekeeping Seal Of Approval For Linux Users... It means a partnership exists between the hardware vendor and Microsoft without regard as to whether or not design specs required to write good drivers have been made available to open source/Linux developers or anyone else. It can also mean that Microsoft intended that partnership (and hardware info) to be exclusive meaning the info _won't_ be distributed to anyone else.


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