On 12/12/2018 03:56 PM, stefanneuhaus2...@gmail.com wrote:
> New to Qubes with basic Linux knowledge i installed successfully a desktop 
> system with follwing configuration:
> Qubes 4.0, CPU Ryzen 5 2400G, MB ASRock B450 Pro4, GPU Radeon R7 370, 32 GB 
> I can update templates and install appvms without issues. Everything works.
> My question is now: On Boot screen i get some error messages (see following 
> screen). Possibly there is a lack of safety i can not estimate. Everything 
> works but under the surface i did not know if it is as safe as it should be. 
> Are there some basic tests which should be made? Or is it enough when the 
> system works?

Well you are stuck with a system that has a very obvious frontdoor
backdoor called AMD PSP platform "security" processor (as in security
from you) that prevents you from doing as you please with the system
firmware hence it is not really your computer.

If you want one that is owner controlled and has free (as in freedom)
open source firmware I have written many walls of text on this subject
so just use a non-google search engine to find my previous posts.

You also are using gmail which is really bad if you care about not being
put of of work or murdered by a robot - your emails and re-captcha
solves are fed in to a massive database that helps googles AI research
including killer robots like project maven and also of course sold to
advertisers and anyone else who can pay.

I do not load images from random people if you want help you have to
send text only.

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