stefanne...@gmail.com於 2018年12月13日星期四 UTC+8上午4時56分35秒寫道:
> New to Qubes with basic Linux knowledge i installed successfully a desktop 
> system with follwing configuration:
> Qubes 4.0, CPU Ryzen 5 2400G, MB ASRock B450 Pro4, GPU Radeon R7 370, 32 GB 
> I can update templates and install appvms without issues. Everything works.
> My question is now: On Boot screen i get some error messages (see following 
> screen). Possibly there is a lack of safety i can not estimate. Everything 
> works but under the surface i did not know if it is as safe as it should be. 
> Are there some basic tests which should be made? Or is it enough when the 
> system works?

Try installing kernel-latest and kernel-latest-qubes-vm on dom0 to see if the 
error messages disappeared?

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