On 2/14/19 5:55 PM, Otto Kratik wrote:
Just reviving a thread of mine from a few months ago with a related follow-up 

When trying to connect to a VPN using openvpn from a Debian-9 AppVM within 
Qubes, I could connect but instantly lost DNS resolution which rendered the 
connection unusable.

Installing he package 'resolvconf' and adding the following lines to the .ovpn 
script supplied by the VPN provider:

script-security 2
up /etc/openvpn/update-resolv-conf
down /etc/openvpn/update-resolv-conf

...solved the issue and I was able to achieve full connectivity through the VPN.

Now, when trying to *disconnect* from that VPN using Ctrl-C from command line 
(or any other method) I am able to end the connection, but the DNS assignment 
does not appear to automatically reverse/undo and revert to the default
DNS servers provided by sys-net within Qubes, namely And as a 
result I once again cannot connect to any websites due to lack of functioning 
DNS lookup.

Having done a bit of research I've tried using commands like:

sudo ifconfig tun0 down
sudo ip link delete tun0

..but in both cases I get a response that 'tun0 does not exist' or something 

Is there any extra step needed to completely drop the VPN connection and revert 
to using normal sys-net connectivity, without requiring a restart of the AppVM 

If I manually examine /etc/resolv.conf within the AppVM it still shows the 
default sys-net DNS entries as expected, so there must be some additional
command needed to fully end the connection and revert to normal.

What am I missing?


I believe it would be helpful if you indicate which method you have used to create the VPN per the URL there ....

perhaps it is more obvious to others ....

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