On Tuesday, February 19, 2019 at 2:53:22 PM UTC-5, Jon deps wrote:

> https://www.qubes-os.org/doc/vpn/
> I believe it would be helpful  if you indicate  which method  you have 
> used to create the VPN    per the URL  there ....
> perhaps it is more obvious to others ....

Thanks for your reply - sorry I somehow missed seeing it earlier. I managed to 
sort of figure out what is going on and sort of fix it.

I am using the super-simple method of just invoking "openvpn whatever.ovpn" 
from  terminal within an AppVM itself, rather than creating a dedicated proxy 
or gateway as suggested in the docs. What is happening is the following..

Initially before connecting to the vpn, the file /etc/resolv.conf contains the 
default Qubes sys-net dns entries, namely:


When the vpn connects, it uses update-resolv-conf to overwrite the contents of 
that file. It places some comment-text near the top and changes the nameserver 
entries to its own, which is good and wanted of course. No complaints.

When terminating the vpn connection by any means available (I tried several 
different ones), openvpn again automatically updates that /etc/resolv.conf 
file, but *only* to remove the entries it placed there, nothing more. The 
comment-text is left intact and the nameserver entries are simply deleted, 
resulting in a more or less empty and useless file and no DNS resolution 
whatsoever. The script does not seem to store and remember the previous entries 
that were there before (sys-net defaults) and replace them when finished. It 
just erases everything and leaves it like that.

Thus after disconnecting the vpn I have to go back into that file and manually 
re-add the sys-net entries to regain DNS resolution functionality. Ultimately 
I'm just going to write a short bash script that puts the needed entries back 
after disconnection, which I'll run at termination every time.

I don't know enough about openvpn to instruct it to "always run this extra 
script upon disconnection", though I'm sure there must be a relatively easy way 
to do so.

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