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> ehag...@gmail.com:
>> I wouild like to use wasbi in a whonix VM.
>> Can any one tell me how to make it work step by step_

There's some discussion here:

Basically just download it, verify signature, run it, and change config
settings to use your gateway's ip for your tor host.

> Assuming Wasabi is a cloud provider and assuming it has some Linux

Wasabi is a Bitcoin wallet that facilitates CoinJoins for users:
https://www.wasabiwallet.io/. It's a centralized, easy to use solution
for people that want to protect against some blockchain analysis.

> client (would be good if you provided more detail so people don't have
> to guess), the direct answer to your question as stated would be to
> install their client software into the whonix-ws-14 template. However,
> unless you've audited their software this could be a bad idea from an
> anonymity perspective as it may link your identity across all Whonix
> client sessions.
> Safer option would be to clone whonix-ws-14 to a new template just for
> Wasabi use, install their software in it, then create an AppVM based on
> it networked to sys-whonix.

Don't need to install in a template. Just run a release in an AppVM.


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