On 7/3/19 4:44 PM, 'trichel' via qubes-users wrote:
>> I got the impression that a complete reinstall requires (a) a fedora
>> appvm (I have none), (b) does not work over TOR, since the AppVM's
>> based on whonix must be removed (or set to dummy template) before
>> removing the whonix-14-templates. Then sys-whonix is gone, right?
>> That seems awkward asprocedure. Can someone explain, please? Why can't I
>> install whonix-gw-15 and whonix-ws-15 via dnf in dom0 and THEN remove
>> the -14- ones? Cheers, Bernhard
> After botching the whonix-14 template with an unsuccessful upgrade attempt I 
> reinstalled it by entering sudo qubes-dom0-update 
> --enablerepo=qubes-templates-community --action=reinstall 
> qubes-template-whonix-gw-14 as explained at 
> https://www.whonix.org/wiki/Qubes/Reinstall
> Because this page gives 'sudo qubesctl state.sls qvm.anon-whonix' as a 
> mandatory step I executed that after the reinstall. This installed 2 new 
> templates whonix-gw-15, whonix-ws-15 and a whonix-ws-15-dvm, with all the old 
> stuff still present. I deleted the Whonix 14 templates with dnf and all seems 
> fine now.
> So, apparently just entering sudo qubesctl state.sls qvm.anon-whonix is the 
> easiest way to install new Whonix 15 templates. I didn't create a special 
> update VM for this. Probably it is best to remove the old ones first even 
> though it also works if you don't, apparently. If you need to *upgrade* for 
> some reason (instead of simply replacing the templates with new ones) then 
> you should *NOT* follow this procedure, of course.
> Also see: https://www.whonix.org/wiki/Qubes/Install
> I find it pretty confusing too ... Maybe an expert can give some additional 
> info :)

No expert here, but tested stuff on a QubesOS R4.0 with a working Whonix
14 installation.

Running `sudo qubesctl state.sls qvm.anon-whonix` alone would *not*
install Whonix 15 for me, it would just note that all relevant VMs exist
already and call it quits.

What worked for me was:

1. Install the Whonix 15 templates:

sudo qubes-dom0-update \
  --enablerepo=qubes-templates-community \
  --action=install \
  qubes-template-whonix-gw-15 \

2. Using Qube Manager, change the templates for relevant qubes
(sys-whonix, anon-whonix, whonix-ws-14-dvm) to relevant Whonix 15 templates.

Restart any modified qubes afterwards, of course, and test stuff works.

3. Remove the unneeded Whonix 14 templates:

sudo dnf remove \
  qubes-template-whonix-gw-14 \

So far so good.


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