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'awokd' via qubes-users:
I've just encountered this issue, and I thought my problems were over once I found this post..

Fyi, previously lvscan on my system shown root, pool00, and every volume but swap as inactive

I followed your instructions, but the system still fails to boot. I've run 'vgchange -ay' and o saw the following printed a number of times.

device-mapper: table 253:6: thin: Couldn't open thin internal device
   device-mapper: reload ioctl on (253:6) failed: no data available

I ran 'lvscan' again, and this time some VMS were marked active, but a number (root,various -back volumes, several -root volumes, etc)

Really terrified everything is gone as I had just recovered from a backup while my hardware got fixed, but I don't have the backup anymore.

Can't tell which post you're replying to, but I get the idea. The volumes you are most concerned about all end in --private. If you've gotten them to the point where they show as active, you can make a subdir and "sudo mount /dev/mapper/qubes_dom0-vm--work--private subdir" for example, copy out the contents, umount subdir and move on to the next. You can ignore --root volumes, since installing default templates will recreate. If you can't get the --private volumes you want to show as active, I'm afraid recovering those is beyond me.

Also, if you can't get a --private volume active, try its --private--######--back equivalent.

Did you run "lvm lvconvert --repair qubes_dom0/pool00"? I think that would be one of the first things you do when the underlying thin device fails.

If it needs additional space, you could delete the swap lv, then re-add it later.


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