> I was told that buying an used laptop represents an extra risk since the 
> previous owner could have used the laptop with Qubes and got dom0 infected.

There's some terminology mixed up here. Qubes' dom0 is part of the
operating system, not the hardware. A Qubes dom0 infection, although
unlikely, is no different than a Windows or Linux infection, and can be
cleaned by formatting the drive. What you are concerned about is a
firmware infection, which is less likely to happen compared to other
OS's if someone was already running Qubes. Again, out of the hundreds of
thousands malwares out there, I've only heard of a couple that install
themselves at the firmware level so the chances of you finding a used
laptop with one are minimal. You need to weigh this against the
possibility that new laptops could also be infected. Some say all new
x86 laptops are backdoored, for example.

> After a little bit of research, I was told that installing coreboot would 
> eliminate/delete any malware that, in a hypothetical case, took control of 
> dom0 when the previous owner used the laptop for Qubes but I’m not too sure 
> if this is true, do you guys thinks it’s true?

Yes, I believe flashing Coreboot would eliminate known system firmware
malwares. See 799's reply, he beat me to it!

You might also check out https://insurgo.ca/ if you're not comfortable
flashing yourself.

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