O K <oak2...@gmail.com> schrieb am Fr., 16. Aug. 2019, 18:17:

> Well I'm not as concerned about people monitoring/intercepting the content
> of my communications, just about identifying information about the hardware
> of my computer being accessible.

Why? If someone can't identify you, why should he make the effort to find a
way into your Qubes machine to get the hardware info? If it is an attack
which you're not the specific target, there are easier options, like
hacking your router or maybe one of your "smart" home devices.

I know it's not easy to acquire info about someone's computer from the
> internet, and if the computer's running Qubes I would imagine it's harder,
> but I think it can be done (definitely Mac address but possibly more info).

Yes. Using Qubes will increase your security to a reasonable secure level
(if you use it correctly).


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