"Dont top-post on this list.

*If your mailer puts the cursor at the top of the message, scroll to the 
bottom before you start typing.*
It takes you seconds, but makes it easier for everyone else who reads
your messages."
SOURCE: Unman's signature. 
If you go to https://groups.google.com you might find it easier to reply 
to the group or to an individual, and avoid top-posting.

A. IMHO this is more helpful than the bare admonition "don't top-post" as

(one) we want to make Qubes as user-friendly and accessible as possible,
(two) that would include this forum,  and 
(three) the default of gmail and other web-mail applications is to top-post.

B. ( I would guess that there may be is a clear and convincing reason to 
an exception and deliberate top post, for instance if one has created a 
and wishes to top-post "SOLVED" to implicitly close the discussion. But this
is speculation on my part the ultimate decision revolves on what the 
and/or list owner desires.)

C. Admin or user comments welcome but not necessary, this thread can serve 
as a reference to 
new users, people who have been away from the list for a while and forgot 
or people who are understandbly a bit confused about how to not  top-post. 

D. It might be helpful if there was a way that regular users (non-admins) 
could delete their own posts
and repost if accidentally top posting but I don't know that there is any 
way to do that. 

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