On Sunday, August 18, 2019 at 10:39:38 AM UTC-7, American Qubist 001 wrote:
> I need to re-install Qubes and last time I installed, maybe around Feb 
> 2019, there was an advisory about an apt-bug which required a fix. Is that 
> now taken care of automatically in the deb-9 template or is that procedure 
> still required?
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> thank you in advance for your adherence. 
> will make sure to use the lhe latest,  but I thought 4.02 was still in 
> beta. 
> Also, the instructions in the QSB are much more complex than simply 
> updating through the gui.Why do you think a regular update would work when 
> the QSB or Qubes documentation advises a much more complex, completely 
> different proceure? 
> Somethhing is not right here. It is inconsisitent. If all you needto do is 
> a regulsr simple update, the documentation should reflect thatand not send 
> users through a much more elaboraate templace replacement process.

ALSO the QSB says that the bug is actually inthe update process of apt 
itself, so it stands to reason that if there has been a malicious code 
injection, merely updating will not suffice. 

So, are we sure we are on the saame page here??

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