R4.0.1, all checksums verified, GPG sig verified, GPG fingerprint
reasonably well confirmed through online searches. Installing from a
bootable USB flash drive created using /dd/. I couldn't find anything
relating to this issue after searching.

I've just spent some time confirming this issue before posting. Here's
what I discovered. In a nutshell: R4.0.1 rejects my 32 GB flash drive as
needing 1.55 GiB additional space at default settings and after
reclaiming all available drive space. I double-checked, and all the
system requirements list 32GB (not GiB) as the minimum drive size.

*All options were left at their defaults unless specified*

1) Boot Installer, click Done to confirm default language and location
options and reach the Installation Summary screen.

2) Enter the "Installation Destination" screen by following the
on-screen prompts.

3) Select the 32GB flash drive and de-select all others. This screen
reports the drive space in Base-2, so 28.9 GiB for the 32GB flash drive.

4) Click Done to reach the Installation Options window. It reports:
>Your current Qubes software selection requires 22.91GiB, including
19.39GiB for software and 3.52 GiB for swap space.

This looks positive. I have to reclaim disk space on the drive, so
choose to Reclaim Space (or words to that effect).

5) On the Reclaim Disk Space screen, it now reports:
> Installation requires a total of 24.23GiB for system data.

This is weird. Now I need 24.32 GiB instead of 22.91 GiB - an increase
of 1.41 GiB. I still have enough space though, so I re-claim all drive
space with the Delete All button, then click Done.

6) This brings me back to the Installation Summary screen, where a
warning banner at the foot of the screen reports:
> Not enough space in file systems for the current software selection.
An additional 1.55 GiB is needed.

Right. Okay. Now I'm 1.55 GiB short, so the total install is 30.45 GiB -
an increase of 6.13 GiB from the Reclaim Disk Space Screen, and now I
can't install to the 32GB flash drive.

Troubleshooting steps:

I repeated the process over several boots of the installer with no change.
I tried disabling Encryption on the Installation Destination screen, but
the error remains.
I tried using the "I will configure partitioning" option to reach the
Manual Partitioning screen. I used the "click here to create
[partitions] automatically" option, and it successfully creates the
root, swap and EFI partitions with 21.26 GiB, 2.89 GiB and 500 MiB
respectively. On completion, it reports available space as 1.97MiB, so
that looks positive. But when I save the settings and return to the
Installation Summary screen, the same error message appears, and I'm
1.55 GiB short again.

Is this PEBKAC or a genuine bug?

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