> I followed the Onionizing Repos guide, commented out the metalinks and
> uncommented the onion lines. On first test (sudo qubes-dom0-update) I
> got a 404 error:
>> HTTP Error 404 - Not Found
>> http://yum.sik5nlgfc5qylnnsr57qrbm64zbdx6t4lreyhpon3ychmxmiem7tioad.onion/r4.0/current/dom0/fc25/repodata/repomd.xml
>> "Error: Cannot retrieve repository metadata for (repomd.xml) for repository: 
>> qubes-dom0-current"

I think that's the old onion. If you hadn't ran dom0 updates since
installing, it might not have been corrected. Should now be showing this
one in your qubes-dom0.repo & qubes-templates.repo:


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