I've read and followed the instructions on
https://www.qubes-os.org/doc/gui-configuration/ but the problem I'm
having is different. Here's what happens:

1. I'm using VMs on a 4K monitor successfully, via DisplayPort.

2a. I have Dom0 screensaver set to Blank Screen Only and it blanks after
the configured number of minutes

OR 2b. I switch to using the laptop screen, then back to the 4K monitor

OR 2c. The computer wakes from sleep while the 4K monitor is in power
saving mode.

3. I can no longer click the mouse in my VMs (though it seems as if
maybe all clicks register in a very small area at the top left). The
mouse works normally in dom0.

4. If I switch to the laptop internal screen it works fine there, but if
I switch back to the 4K monitor it still doesn't work there. The only
way to get mouse clicking working in the VMs again is to shut down the
VM and restart it while using the 4K monitor.

The same thing happens if the computer goes to sleep and when I wake it
up the monitor is in power saving mode. My current workaround is to
disable the screensaver, and remember to wake the monitor before waking
the computer,

Is this a bug I should report? Has anyone else encountered this behavior?


Michael Siepmann

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