> UPDATE/FAIL/TWO POSSIBLE REAONS OK so I "accepted explicitly before 
> updates for this repository can be applied", was able to update and install 
> apps to the template. HOWEVER, neither the template nor the AppVMs based on 
> it would open!

This might be because I installed way too many apps, to test. I even 
reached some kind of memory warning or error message. 

An intermediate Template/AppVM does work, but as I recall it is one that I 
did NOT run the "accept explicit" update procedure on. (I was able to 
install some but not all of the apps I wanted before running the procedure 
recommended in Github. 

I will try this again , running the "explicit accept" and see if the 
pertinent Template/AppVMs will indeed run. This will confirm whether the 
error was that I bloated out the template with too many apps, or a problem 
with the update and repository atuthentication procedure.  

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