I'm a relatively new user and not very fit at this.
Windows and Ubuntu i had before could handle the sound very good, but since
i installed Qubes it sounds like a metal bin.

Any suggestions what i can do?

Greez Myros

What soundcard do you have? And what driver is it using?

Open a dom0 terminal and run 'lspci -k'. Also run 'aplay -l'.

There are some settings you can tweak in alsa generally, with regardless of driver/hardware. For example, run 'alsamixer' in dom0 terminal, and make sure "gain" is zero. Other settings are specific to your exact hardware or driver. For example, if your driver is snd_hda_intel, setting the model= parameter or enable_msi=0 can sometimes help.

Does it sound okay in a Fedora 25 live CD?

If this is a new-ish machine, upgrading the kernel might help.

Here are some links that might be helpful.

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