On Tue, 14 Jan 2020, Scott Russell wrote:

> Hi,   I am installing qubes to an X1 gen2 extreme.  Gone well so far, but
> then I stumbled into a problem with wifi.  Unfortunately the intel ax200 is
> not supported in linux kernel till after kernel 5-1+.  
> (https://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/support/articles/000005511/networ
> k-and-i-o/wireless-networking.html).  

I didn't get AX 200 to work myself and I just use a stop-gap USB WLAN 
dongle solution currently. I tried with latest kernels, various firmware 
versions, and even went to dkms backport of iwlwifi but none of those 

It just seems the iwlwifi driver, despite claims of AX 200 being supported 
since 5.1, may not work for all (some have gotten it to work but I'm not 
sure if anyone among them with Qubes).

> So, I was wondering on what my options would be.  My first thought having
> reviewed a few posts, was that I would need to compile the latest kernel and
> use this in the sys-net. 
> Then, I thought, maybe there is already a "latest kernel" somewhere that I
> could just install without the need for compiling a new one.

Yes, kernel-latest package is already available using qubes-dom0-update.
Certainly worth a test.

> As an aside, does this mean I should change the underlying template for
> sys-net and logically the sys-firewall, or should I keep the sys-net as a
> custom kernel version only.  If there are other ways, any advice is
> appreciated.   A lot to learn here, but happy to work through any
> suggestions.   

Kernel version, when provided from dom0, is independent of the template.
It is possible to use the kernel from the template if you set "kernel" 
of the VM to empty (for HVMs).

> So, the question is ,can I upgrade the kernel from 4.4.x to 5.1+ in an easy
> and safe way, or am I driven to playing with the kernel compilation?


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