Hello everybody!

In my laptop I switch hdds from time to time, once booting qubes-os r4, 
once win10. A few days ago I accidentally switched the hdd although Win10 
was in suspend mode. After powering up I realized my mistake and killed the 
machine immediately, but still some damage seems to have been inflicted.

When I boot Qubes now, I can select Xen hypervisor with all its options but 
as soon as I hit "boot" I get the error
"Some unused code found." right below the "using Xen-4.8.5 ..." part.

After that is says "You need to choose a kernel first." So I browsed the 
hdd with the commandline and another computer and found that the file 
xen.cfg was empty. Adding the necessary lines didn't change the behaviour. 
I was able to boot with manual mode, setting kernel and initrd myself, but 
obviously xen did not start. So, I would say, the kernel and the ramdisk 
are okay, but I guess the Xen-4.8.gz and/or some of the other Xen files are 

It is possible to install Qubes to another hdd and copy those gz files to 
the corrupted hdd?
Or is there another way to fix the problem based on what I described?

Best regards,

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