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Problem 1: Without inadvertently risking ANY potential breaches to Dom0, or compromising the TemplateVM, how do I install software via the terminal safely. I am aware I can simply enable networking to the templateVM but I am unsure if that is the wisest practice. Easy come, easy go > Problem 2: I need to run closed sourced apps on this templateVM, or at least the AppVM I've segregated to handle all schoolwork and emails. As a security precaution, I've switched all "trusted" appvm's to run the debianVM, including vaults, because my assumption is that if its closed source, its backdoored by default.

For problem 1, I wouldn't edit the network settings of a TemplateVM. I'd suggest downloading any installers via an AppVM (or DisposableVM) that already has networking, and then use Qubes' built-in method for copying/moving files between VMs: https://www.qubes-os.org/doc/copying-files/

For problem 2, you have options. You could make a copy of one of the original TemplateVMs, install any proprietary software on the copied TemplateVM, and then create one or more AppVMs based on that template (I've done this for the proprietary software needed for my printer/scanner.) You could also create a StandaloneVM and install the software there. A template might be the way to go if you have multiple applications that you do not want running in the same space (and so you could create separate AppVMs for them). A standalone might make more sense if you don't mind these applications running together, but still want to keep them separated from the rest of your system.

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