Hello there,

Prior to writing this email, I have consulted the Qubes Documentation, as well as the relevant documentation for installing any software on the appropriate website. I am currently seeking to install Zoom and Atom to my Fedora TemplateVM. I am required to use certain closed sourced apps for Uni (I am an aspiring cybersecurity student). I also consulted relevant faculty in my department, as well as my school's Cybersecurity club. Only one person in the club has ever "played around" with Qubes. Nobody knows about this OS, not even the PHD candidate with multiple years of European INFOSEC/CYBERSEC experience in field. In fact, he was made aware of the existence of Qubes because of my inquiry. So you guys are all I got on this. I hope you guys can help out. I've digressed enough, on with it.

System: Insurgo PrivacyBeast X230 laptop, Qubes certified Level 1 hardware.
Previous Linux experience: Ubuntu, TAILS
Command line proficiency: Minimal but comfortable enough i.e. I'll need to have a list of terminal commands up for fedora or debian, but I can manage it with the references. Threat Model: Nonexistent today, as I am a student, however I am taking the time I am in school to learn best practices in field. I will act as if my threat model includes a Nation State OPFOR, and proof myself against that, over the years. What better way to harden your system and daily security practices then to assume the worst theoretical outcome? That's my philosophy on it

Problem 1: Without inadvertently risking ANY potential breaches to Dom0, or compromising the TemplateVM, how do I install software via the terminal safely. I am aware I can simply enable networking to the templateVM but I am unsure if that is the wisest practice. Easy come, easy go.

Problem 2: I need to run closed sourced apps on this templateVM, or at least the AppVM I've segregated to handle all schoolwork and emails. As a security precaution, I've switched all "trusted" appvm's to run the debianVM, including vaults, because my assumption is that if its closed source, its backdoored by default.

What are the best practices to use when tackling the above problems?

Additionally: Do I need to wipe everything if I made the mistake of connecting the dom0 Microphone directly to a website, in the hopes of getting video conferencing done? I made the mistake of doing it on Wyzant, briefly. Is that a fuckup worthy of a clean sweep, since I'm practicing being extra careful to begin with?

Thank you for your time, and I look forward to your replies.

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