On 6/23/20 5:37 PM, Sven Semmler wrote:
Install qt5ct and style plugins ...

Fedora: sudo dnf install qt5ct qt5-qtstyleplugins
Debian: sudo apt install qt5ct qt5-style-plugins

Then set QT_QPA_PLATFORMTHEME=qt5ct in etc/environment and reboot the

Now launch qt5ct and select the 'gtk2' theme.

Thank you for your instructions, but I have a problem. I first thought it was because I was using a Fedora-30 TemplateVM for my test so I upgraded to Fedora-31, but same problem.

After installing the qt5 packages I edit the Qubes settings and I add 'Qt5 Settings' to the TemplateVMs 'Applications'. As soon as I start 'Qt5 Settings' there is an error message at the top of the window 'The application is not configured correctly'. If I ignore it and click on the 'Style' dropdown menu anyway to select 'gtk2' the window freezes as I click on 'gtk2' from the dropdown menu. I have to reboot the VM to recover it. I can choose any of the other options in the dropdown menu and Apply them without problems.

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