After days of troubleshooting, I've encountered a second problem. My first 
problem was that the installer would freeze after the [xen] characters 
start scrolling from the side, and before the green OKs start to appear. 
I've checked the troubleshooting page and commented out noexitboot and 
mapbs. Once I've done that, it was now able to successfully make it to the 
Qubes setup screen, where you have to choose the language, time, install 
location, and all that. The problem is, it would then freeze and crash 
while I'm setting up the install, usually at the beginning where I would 
choose a language, or select the drive to install Qubes. The same would 
also happen in a Legacy boot, except that I would un-comment noexitboot and 
mapbs, but the problem sill persists. I checked out the troubleshooting 
page again, but most fixes are only applicable after the install which I'm 
not even able to begin, except for the Nvidia troubleshooting, and because 
I'm using a Nvidia card, I decided to check it out. The problem is that it 
mentions making changes at the GRUB boot menu...I'm not entirely sure what 
that is. Just to make sure, I kept on pressing E, hoping that it might go 
into the GRUB editor as the troubleshooting page says, but nothing 
happened. So I kinda need help trying to troubleshoot this. I'm running a 
64bit Windows 10 system running the latest version of Acer Nitro BIOS. The 
install medium is a 32gb SanDisk USB 2.0 if that helps.

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