On 2020-09-30 09:35, Stumpy wrote:
Sometimes I have trouble "wrapping my head around" compartmentalization offline use etc so I was hoping someone is doing, or has considered something similar.

I would like to setup home automation and security, and OpenHAB seems like the best way to go. The caveat, for me at least, is I really dont want the setup to be online, or dont want it to be accessible from the internet - which is where qubes comes in i think?

I want OpenHAB to stay up to date but do not want it to be accessible via the internet so i was thinking if I have a template with OpenHAB installed that would install OpenHAB and hopefully plugins? The thing is I am hoping to have wifi cameras, or at least PoE cameras connected so it was less clear to me if i would be able to have an OpenHAB appvm that was not connected to the internet, or blocked from the network, but able to communicate with these various wireless devices?

Ideally i would be able to do this on my workstation as i pretty much live in front of my monitors :/ But I have 2 older laptops, one runs qubes like a champ, the other i am guessing less so (AMD Neo chip w/ 2 or 4gb mem [I forget]), though either way if i went the laptop route they woudl be dedicated devices so to speak.

Any thoughts, ideas, feedback would really really be appreciated!

or, it just occurred to me that a raspi that i could remotely login to ... then again that would mean i'd need network access? Ugh, sorry I am really bad at visualizing these things.

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