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> On 2020-09-30 09:35, Stumpy wrote:
>> Sometimes I have trouble "wrapping my head around" compartmentalization 
>> offline use etc so I was hoping someone is doing, or has considered 
>> something similar.
>> I would like to setup home automation and security, and OpenHAB seems like 
>> the best way to go. The caveat, for me at least, is I really dont want the 
>> setup to be online, or dont want it to be accessible from the internet - 
>> which is where qubes comes in i think?
>> I want OpenHAB to stay up to date but do not want it to be accessible via 
>> the internet so i was thinking if I have a template with OpenHAB installed 
>> that would install OpenHAB and hopefully plugins?
>> The thing is I am hoping to have wifi cameras, or at least PoE cameras 
>> connected so it was less clear to me if i would be able to have an OpenHAB 
>> appvm that was not connected to the internet, or blocked from the network, 
>> but able to communicate with these various wireless devices?
>> Ideally i would be able to do this on my workstation as i pretty much live 
>> in front of my monitors :/
>> But I have 2 older laptops, one runs qubes like a champ, the other i am 
>> guessing less so (AMD Neo chip w/ 2 or 4gb mem [I forget]), though either 
>> way if i went the laptop route they woudl be dedicated devices so to speak.
>> Any thoughts, ideas, feedback would really really be appreciated!
> or, it just occurred to me that a raspi that i could remotely login to ... 
> then again that would mean i'd need network access? Ugh, sorry I am really 
> bad at visualizing these things.

Why not use one of the laptops - or the Raspi - without Qubes and your favorite 
Linux distribution instead? I don’t think Qubes would add anything here anyway.

Just use iptables firewall on that machine to block everything from the outside 
world and only allow connections from within your local LAN/WLAN.

You could setup SSH with X-forwarding on either machine equally easily.  The 
laptop would have the advantage of offering direct access with its own monitor 
on top of ssh. And that would even work for the older one, that has definitely 
not enough memory to run Qubes on it in any comfortable way anyway.

Regards, Frank

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