I can open the .iso with "nano vim" but ultimately that doesn't get me to 
the config file /EFI/BOOT/BOOTX64.cfg that is described but not named in 
the following post.  

I'm also rather concerned why there are two "Original Installer ISO" files 
described here. Why doesn't he just list the filenames?

I'm also having difficult saving files to the .iso

On Monday, March 4, 2019 at 12:28:17 p.m. UTC-5 load...@gmail.com wrote:

> Finally I did it! Thanks to those who responded and did not remain 
> indifferent to my situation.
> Especially,
> 'Shahin Azad' who gave me this url-instruction: 
> https://www.engetsu-consulting.com/blog/installing-qubes-4-0-on-laptops-with-nvidia-gpus-that-do-not-support-the-nouveau-driver
> and
> '0brand' who told me how to use this instruction in right way.
> This is my steps:
> 1. I copied .iso-file to linux system.
> 2. Opened terminal and start command 'sudo su -'
> 3. 'chmod u+w /path/to/file.iso'
> 4. 'nano vim /path/to/file.iso'
> 5. Edit those lines which described in url: 
> https://www.engetsu-consulting.com/blog/installing-qubes-4-0-on-laptops-with-nvidia-gpus-that-do-not-support-the-nouveau-driver
> 6. Saved file and write on flash drive in DD-mode.
> I know, maybe this is not that easiest way, but this worked for me in my 
> case.

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