I need to use xrandr to make the edges of my Qubes screen visible in
the TV I am using as an HDMI monitor, and this works fine on Knoppix
and LinuxMint.

I have not been able to get xrandr to set --output at all on Qubes 4,
Fedora 25, and Fedora 32. Research on other forums shows this is
likely because Knoppix and LinuxMint both include nonfree graphics
drivers, and apparently Fedora does not (at least not by default)

I do recall seeing a note some time ago to the effect that AMDGPU can
be problematic but I had hoped that that was no longer so much the

On a Debian like system the command would be apt install firmware-linux-nonfree

What would the equivalent be on dom0?

Providing that the firmware from the manufacturer is not malicious,
are there any other risks that I should be aware of?

Or is this something that is not possible to do and I should therefore
buy a more suitable monitor?

The graphics is provided by a very recent AMD Radeon enabled combined
CPU/GPU, but the drivers included in the late 2019 Knoppix work so
they clearly do not need to any more recent than that.


I am using an early flat-panel TV as a monitor. Like many TV's of its
time when used as a monitor the edges of the picture are hidden.
Sufficient of the edges are missing that a top or bottom bar (top like
on qubes, bottom like on Mint) are not very usable. I have to guess
where the button I want is.

The commands I use to fix the picture size use xrandr and work on the
Debian-based distros but not on Fedora, including the most recent
qubes versions.

Glad for any tips

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