It is rather a xen issue, but I did not find xen groups alive enough, so..

I have a 6-core cpu, so.. xen thinks there are two "CPU's" per core, 
probably due to HT.
And it does, apparently, cause a lot of confusion.

from "xenpm start 1:
Socket 0
     Core 0 CPU 0
     Core 1 CPU 2
     Core 2 CPU 4
     Core 3 CPU 6
     Core 4 CPU 8
     Core 5 CPU 10

But, when I try to get CPU states, xenpm assumes the core count to the cpu 
count! thus, it tries to get status of CPU0-CPU5, which succeeds only for 
even CPUs, odd CPUs get dropped and return error when xenp tries to control 
them, and CPU6-CPU10 are ingored.

also, xenpm get-cpufreq-para returns obviously incorrect values (for even 
CPUs only, again, for odd ones it just "falied to get cpufreq parameter" 
and 6-10 are igored), as well as xentop. At the same time, values at 
get-cpufreq-average are apparently right. 

Is it a known issue?

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