Documentation followed: http://qubesosfasa4zl44o4tws22di6kepyzfeqv3tg4e3ztknltfxqrymdad.onion/doc/vpn/#set-up-a-proxyvm-as-a-vpn-gateway-using-iptables-and-cli-scripts

Notes from a Wyzant tutoring session wherein we tried to get this working

"Troubleshooting Qubes VPN service.

A remote IP seems to be acquired, but then the VPN immediately resets (connects to 45.x.x.x.) -- default gateway remains local, but is unpingalbe.

Firewall rules don't look wrong at first glance (sudo /usr/sbin/iptables -L -v for more detail though to confirm there's no port matching).

nothing interesting found in /var/log/messages or in journalctl. Openvpn starts...

The forwarding rules shouldn't come into play until you actually use it as a proxy."

Someone please help me, I'm fucking screaming here every time I try to do the right thing following documentation or try to figure out why my own OS is stopping me from doing basic shit.

Thank you for taking the time to help me so far. Be well.

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